Coal gasifier

Principle and technics of coal gasify.

- The technics of coal gasify : The coal is feed into an airtight vessel, under certain pressure and temperature, the coal will occur reaction with air and water, then create CO, H2 and other flammable gas.

- At first, coal is transported to furnace top by elevator, then, coaling device feed furnace, the coal treated with by several working procedure, for instance : dry, carbonization, deoxidize, oxidation and so on, the residue will be discharge by ash pan in bottom of furnace. At the same time, the air, which supplied by fans in bottom of furnace, will mix with steam which produced by furnace wter jacket, the mixture will flow towards upper and through coal layer, the, occur deoxidize reaction nd oxidation reaction with coal, in final, the flammable gas is mad.

- After falling ash and collecting dust, the flammable gas is transported to gas user, this is hot coal gas technics.

- After reducing temperature, collecting dust, collecting tar and cleaning, and tha flammable gas is transported to gas user, this is cool gas technics.

Characteristic of single stage coal gasifier.

- Saving labor force after automatically coaling and discharging slag.

- Double bell-cover type feeding coal, wettest-type discharge slag, steam sealing type fire detection. Guarantee no leak.

- Adopting water jacket configurations, low investment and saving using area

- Simple technics

- The hot coal gas technics suits for general industrial heating work, for example, the metallurgy steel, heat treatment, alternation of industry boiler chemical heating, making heat resistant materials, glass kiin and so on. The cool cial gas technics suits for some strict heating work, for example, making ceramic producing civilian coal-gas and others.

Benefit analiyze of coal gasifier

- The coal gasifier completely satisfy eith the requirement of environment protection, The Ringelman darkness of tail gas can achieve 0.5 class, the soot let can be less than 80mg/Nm3, achieve the environment protection standards in 1 class area, doesn’t need any treatment equipments for tail gas.

- Be low price and low running expense. Compare with burning oil and natural gas, the coal gas can save 70-80% of total running expense and is equal with burning coal directly.

Based on the same quantity of heat ( 10000 Kcal ), the cost of burning oil is Rp 3.800 – Rp.6.500,-, the cost of burning LPG is Rp 4.500,-, the coat of coal gas just and it’s Rp 900,-, therefore, we can judge that coal gas has large superiority and its environment protection effect is same as burning oil and burning natural gas. So the running cost is saved hugely ,the competitiveness of corporation is increased.

- Improving the working and operation surrounding on site. The working surrounding of burning coal directly is too bad, dirty and dusty. The heat quantity is difficult to control. If using coal gasifier, the operation surrounding is clean and we can adjust the heat quantity according as technics requirement at any time.

- Improving the produce efficiency of equipment. Because has high heat transfer efficiency, under the same condition, the efficiency and capacity can be improved 5 ˜ 10%. The sample is : One chemical factory in Bogor, after changing to use coal gasifier, the heating effieciency is improved to 70 % from 80%. Under using the same amount of coal, the capacity is improved 30%. Just spend 3 monts ; the whole investment is draw back and getting goog economy efficiency.

The coal will be the main energy sources for along time in world. Coal gasifier is thebest to rebuild the coaling kill. Many successful cases can prove that the coal gasifiercan drastically solve the problem of environment protection of buring coal : also, theystill can improve the production efficiency increasing benefit of corporation.